Exercise to Prevent Low-Energy

May 21, 2017

Why does Exercise Help with Low-Energy? To find out more about exercise and low-energy, let’s begin with a quote from an Exercise Physiologist: “If a sedentary individual begins an exercise program it will enhance the blood flow carrying oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue improving their ability to produce more energy (the chemical adenosine triphosphate)”… Read More

Foods to Eat to Prevent Low Energy

May 14, 2017

Low Energy   This month’s topic has probably happened to all of us at one time or another. Low energy can occur for various reasons, but today we are exploring food. Food can play a large role in the way our bodies feel. The right foods can nourish and give energy. The wrong foods can… Read More

Low Energy? Causes and Energy Boosters

May 7, 2017

What is Low Energy? Lack of energy can be described as tiredness, weariness, lethargy or fatigue. It can be accompanied by depression, decreased motivation, or apathy. Lack of energy can be a normal response to inadequate sleep, overexertion, overworking, stress, lack of exercise, or boredom. When part of a normal response, lack of energy often… Read More

Foods that Naturally Provide Pain Relief

May 1, 2017

Thoughts My first thought about pain and food, was kind of a humorous thought.  Like, how am I going to find a recipe that is going to light your mouth on fire? That seemed a little mean. Then it came to me. There are foods out there that naturally relieve pain in our bodies. One… Read More

The Balance Point Services for Pain

April 23, 2017

Here at Vim 360 we have an in-house acupuncturist and massage therapist named MuQi Quintanilla. Appointments with MuQi at his business called, The Balance Point, incorporates acupuncture and muscle balancing to combat painful symptoms. Below are the explanations of each of these offerings. One visit with MuQi usually combines some or all of these practices… Read More