Digestive Health – Foods to Aid in Digestion

November 15, 2017

Recipe and 7 Foods that Promote Digestion Many times when searching for recipes online, there is a lot of information to scroll through before you can find the actual recipe. I say, let’s start with the good stuff. Blueberry Kale Smoothie contains three of the foods listed below that aid in digestive health. This recipe… Read More

Digestive Health – Overview

November 7, 2017

Digestive Health Overview Did you know that digestive issues can effect how you feel daily? Trouble with digestion and digestive health issues effects 60 to 70 million people. – source¬†NIDDK 1. Food/Recipes that Help/Hinder Digestion The first blog in this series will investigate foods that help with digestion and those foods that interrupt or hinder… Read More

Healthy Eating – Designs for Health Nutritional Supplements

October 29, 2017

Designs for Health Supplements Available at Vim 360   Designs for Health Supplements Vim 360 is proudly offering a nutritional supplements line called Designs for Health. Designs for Health is a supplement company that provides all natural and non-GMO products. These products can only be sold by healthcare professionals. Following are some topics taken from… Read More

Healthy Eating – Wellness Coaching Services

October 22, 2017

Introduction: This week we have a guest blogger. Miriam Brooks, RN, BSN, NBC-HWC is a practicing nurse and Vim 360 client. Miriam just received her National Board Certification Health and Wellness Coach. Miriam is sharing some tips about healthy eating and how wellness coaching services can help. Wellness Coaching Services Featured Blog Post by Miriam… Read More

Healthy Eating – Nutrition Consulting Services

October 17, 2017

Did you know that we offer Nutrition Consulting Services at Vim 360? At Vim 360 we have a Nutrition Consultation service for our clients who need a little help in making their eating habits more nourishing and nutritious. We have Cheryl, a Registered Dietician, on call to discuss any nutritional concerns. See Cheryl’s bio below…. Read More