Bone Health – Protection of Bones

September 24, 2017

Protection Protection of bones, let’s look at how we can keep our bones healthy. Previous posts for September provided information on bone nutrition, bone building, and now protection of bones. Healthy muscles and bones work together to keep us moving. 4 Ways to Protect your Bones No matter your age or the current state of your bones,… Read More

Bone Health – Exercise/Impact to Build Bone

September 17, 2017

Last week the blog focused on healthy foods that can be added to diet to build bone through nutrition. This week is about examples of bone building exercise. Weights/body weight and impact activities are types of exercise that can promote bone health and strength. Weights/Body Weight Weight comes in many forms, free weights, machine weights and… Read More

Bone Health – Foods to Build Bones

September 10, 2017

Foods to Build Bones is our first look at bone health this month. Diet plays a major role in the bone building process. Included in this blog are media and links to many calcium rich foods that will help with the bone building process. Recipes: Calcium Rich Recipes health.com has many wonderful sounding recipes that… Read More

Bone Health – Overview for September

September 6, 2017

The month of September brings us to the new topic of Bone Health. Under the heading of Bone Health we will be looking into Bone Building (Diet and Exercise) and Bone Protection (Balance and Muscle Strength). 1. Diet to Build Bones There are foods that you can add to your diet that help with building bones. Calcium is the… Read More

Health Fears – Long-term Illness or Injury

August 30, 2017

For our final Health Fears blog, we are looking at the fears of developing a long term illness or injury. Listed below are the top 3 Illnesses and the top 4 occurring Injuries in the U.S. Both of theses lists are according to the links provided. If you search the web you might find different… Read More