The Balance Point

MuQi Quintanilla, LMT, C. AC has joined Vim 360 as our in-house acupuncturist and massage therapist. We are so excited to have MuQi here and available to our Vim 360 clients. MuQi practices in Tulsa, but he has also served the Bristow and Claremore communities.  Appointments are available in the Vim 360 studio Tuesday through Friday.

MuQi has been treating clients for over 18 years. His business, The Balance Point is unique, in that, he does not only offer massage and acupuncture services, but addresses the whole body. This wholistic approach allows the client to heal, which results in a more desired outcome from the acupuncture, muscle balancing, and massage therapy treatments.


Call (918)408-6997 to schedule an appointment

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