Yoga / Group Fitness

Yoga / Group Fitness

If you are new client to our Yoga classes we are offering your first class free. Drop in any day of the week.

Classes offered: Basic Yoga, Vitality Yoga, Flow Yoga, Stability Yoga, & Energize Yoga

About Yoga / Group Fitness

Yoga uses flexibility, balance and strength poses to maintain health and well-being, improve physical fitness, relieve stress and enhance quality of life. Vim 360 offers a variety of classes to meet individual fitness needs.


We hand picked experienced and well trained instructors to lead Group Fitness classes. It includes Pilates on the Mat, Full Body Pilates, Tower, and Tai Chi. Our classes are kept small in order to assist our clients if needed.

Private sessions are available if desired for new or existing clients.



Non Auto Renew PackagesPricePer ClassExpiration 
12 Classes$126.00$10.501 Year
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8 Classes$88.00$11.001 Year
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1 Class$12.00$12.00N/A
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Auto Renew PackagesPricePer Class 
12 Classes$114.00$9.50
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8 Classes$84.00$10.50
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Pilates Reformer Clients with AUTO RENEWPrice
12 Yoga Classes$50.00


“I have been a client at Vim 360 for almost 5 years.  I love so many things about this studio…the staff, the small class sizes, the non-intimidation factor.  They are so encouraging & empowering as I’ve tried to live a more healthy lifestyle.”

Beth West

“Great exercise! Great Instructors! Great facility!”

Sheila Trompler

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